Merkos Mentoring

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List of Topics
  • General
  • General / Shlichus in remote or small communities
  • General topics
  • Infertility
  • Life Coach
  • Mental Health advice
  • Shlichus in remote or small communities
  • Special Needs
  • Working with Teenagers
Available Mentors
Chaya PermanMrs. Chana GreenbergMrs. Chana Sorah Danow
Mrs. Chani BukietMrs. Chaya TeldonMrs. Dinie Greenberg
Mrs. Helana HermanMrs. Leah NamdarMrs. Raizel Shemtov
Mrs. Rochel ShemtovMrs. Sarah KaplanMrs. Sarah Raskin
Mrs. Sarah ShemtovMrs. Shani KatzmanMrs. Shifra Aviva Deren
Mrs. Shterna RodalMrs. Simcha FineProf. Miriam Lowenthal