Mentor Reservations - Shluchim

Mentor Reservations - Shluchos

About Merkos Mentors

Each year, tens of young Chabad Shluchim set out on new lives dedicated to serving the Jewish community – every new situation presents its own challenges, problems and difficulties. Moving to a new place, taking a new position and embarking on a new enterprise all at once. The complexities of the concerns that face them are in direct relation to the magnitude of the responsibility they shoulder – creating a vibrant future for Jewish life in their new homes.

To bring the Shluchim true expert advice – tailored to their individual needs – Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch has establish a central office, MerkosMentors a Guidance and Mentoring Center for shluchim, that will make available personal one on one guidance and counseling services, as well as providing an advice and referral center.